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Highest Standards With Competitive Pricing

Connecticut Propane is proud to offer the best pricing without sacrificing the highest standards. You will enjoy working with a local Connecticut Propane Company that has achieved a reputation unsurpassed in the industry. CPP delivers Propane to local Fire Departments, Town Halls, and Schools. We are trusted by the most important organizations. Connecticut Propane technicians are state licensed and certified. Our team will offer you the latest in technology, while providing excellence in service. Once you have the experience of working with CT Propane, you will never look back!

Refer a Friend Program

Connecticut Propane is proud to offer our Refer a friend program. We would like your help making our Propane family grow. By offering you the best customer service, we ask that you invite family and friends to get the same. Please contact CT Propane for information of your compensation on referrals!

Seasonal Special!!! Check our website for our special of the season!!

It's that time again for pool start ups! Connecticut Propane will get your pool heater ready for summer fun! Don't forget your grill too! Connect your grill to your tank today for quick, convenient outdoor cooking! Start your summer off right, contact us today at 860-365-5218.