About Connecticut Propane & Petroleum

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Connecticut Propane is a family owned and operated full service heating and cooling company in CT. The company was founded by three brothers with a vision of operating their own Propane business. After gaining experience and receiving the top license in the industry, the three brothers knew just how they wanted their business to be run. Each and every customer is treated like family. On any given day, you can call the office and talk to a family member. They will give you their utmost attention, making you the #1 priority!

Connecticut Propane is located in Marlborough, CT. With our growing fleet and our bulk storage facility (CPP has one of the largest storage facility in the state of Connecticut), you can feel secure that we will always keep you full and content!

When it comes to Propane, Cooling, or Heating Services in CT- CPP is the trustworthy, experienced company to call.