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Terrific customer service.
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am for switching over to CP & P . From dealing with Susan in the office and also to Steven and Kevin who came to install the tanks , makes me wonder why I waited so long. Terrific customer service. Thank you !
Rating: 5 - Review by Alice B

These guys know their stuff when dealing with Furnaces CT
Rating: 5 - Review by Joe

I recently switched from another propane supplier and from this initial experience I can absolutely say that I am glad that I did.
CPP performed some installation work for new propane tanks and associated piping at my home. I wanted to let CPP know how satisfied I was with Patrick and Zak the two young men that performed the work. Both were extremely courteous and professional. They discussed the work they would do prior to beginning and allowed me to make any adjustments that I wanted. They took the time to answered my questions and explain exactly what they were doing. The work they did was and looked professional and they left my home in the same clean and neat fashion as when they arrived.
Rating: 5 - Review by Al Marena

Storm Knocked Out Power
Yesterday's storm knocked out a lot of people's power in my town, today I received a call from ct propane checking up on me to see if I needed propane for my generator! Great customer service!!
Rating: 5 - Review by Ron Bouchard

Low Prices
They have reasonable prices and great service!!!!
Rating: 5 - Review by Casie-Ann Chirsky

The Best Customer Service
Never had any better customer service from anywhere!!
Rating: 5 - Review by Tammy Emmons Scherp

Fast & knowledgeable
CPP was fast and knowledgeable when installing our propane lines last year. Their deliveries are always on time and their staff has been nothing short of amazing fielding questions or concerns when I call.
Rating: 5 - Review by Valerie Ellers

Honest Straight Forward Company
Thank you Connecticut propane and petroleum
Rating: 5 - Review by Matthew Kuzmickas

Huge Monthly Savings
We were with Amerigas for years and we found out that they were gouging all that time!!! Don't let the fear of having to go through all the hassle of looking for and changing to a new company scare you. CPP with one phone call is saving us almost 400.00 a month (yes a MONTH). They handled all the details, contacted Amerigas for us and scheduled the swap of our old 500 Gallon tank and the replacement with their tank. Can't say enough good about them and would scream their names from the rooftops (if I could get up there)! Do yourself a favor and call them TODAY!
Rating: 5 - Review by Tory Dent MacDonald

First Time My Husband Wrote a Check for Propane With a Smile!!
The service is AWESOME.....from calling to ASK US what time was good for them to be here, to the friendly and knowledgeable install. Total full service & we would recommend to anyone! Prices were more reasonable than if we went to fill our own tanks!
Rating: 5 - Review by Karyn Ashley-Smith

Best Service & Lowest Prices
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable all i can say is they are the best, just give them a call
Rating: 5 - Review by Philip K.

Great Choice
After calling a few different propane companies, we decided to go with CPP. Their rates were upfront and costs reasonable, especially compared to some of their competition. Bill completed the final hookup of our grill and stove today and did a great job despite the weather. We will definitely be recommending CPP to our friends.
Rating: 5 - Review by Rich A.

Prompt Deliveries!
Helped me troubleshoot an issue with Furnaces CT over the phone. Prices are the best! Their customer service is great!
Rating: 5 - Review by Laura Cuscina

We Love Our Small Town Businesses!
CT Propane and Petroleum is wonderful! We made the switch several years ago and regret not doing it sooner! They have the best prices by far...dependable delivery and over all excellent customer service! If you haven't made the switch what are you waiting for?
Rating: 5 - Review by Lori Tarka

Very polite and very competent., he inspired confidence in us.
We had a service technician come out to service our fire place for the winter. He was a very young man, we were a bit worried at how young he was. His name is Brian. He was polite, very thorough, cleaned everything, changed the batteries, cleaned up after himself and really took pride in his work. Everything works well. He was able to answer all my questions, really seemed to know what he was doing and did it very well. Very polite and very competent., he inspired confidence in us. Thank you Brian and Ct Propane, love working with you
Rating: 5 - Review by Eve Menon

Awesome Service!
Awesome service! Imagine having a newly remodeled and purchased house and having your CO alarm going off. After the fire department cleared the house, we checked the furnace for who maintains it and there was nothing. We called CT Propane because they provide our gas and they were willing to send someone out, but warned us of the OT charges they'd have to charge. They sent someone out the next day and identified the problem. They knew the furnace was new and would be under warranty and recommended we contact the person who did the work. We were lucky and got his number from the real estate company and they knew him! They worked with him to get the furnace fixed and all under warranty...even their labor!
Rating: 5 - Review by Patty F.

He solved the issue and went above and beyond for us!
We recently purchased our home in Marlborough, CT and 2 weeks in on a 90 degree day or AC unit died. I called CPP and they sent someone out same day. When Tony got here he went straight to work and was awesome. He solved the issue and went above and beyond for us. I will be calling them for all future issues and become a permanent customer. Thank you for everything!!!
Rating: 5 - Review by Rebecca Palermo

All expectations met and exceeded.
All expectations met and exceeded. Great to deal with!!
Rating: 5 - Review by Scott Fine

Do yourself a favor and look into making the change to CPP now!
We were Amerigas customers for the last 20 years. Always just paid the bill when it came in and never really paid attention to the charges. They raised my budget amount from 300.00 a month to 414.00 a month and refused to lower it. I threw it out there on Facebook "propane providers in the Hebron area" and my friend Rachel Rasimas said CPP . one phone call to them and I learned that they had been charging us almost 5.00 per gallon when propane was at an all time low! I made the switch and my budget amount went from 414.00 to 160.00!!!!!! Do yourself a favor and look into making the change to CPP now! You will not be sorry!
Rating: 5 - Review by Victoria MacDonald

CPP is the real deal!
There are a lot of propane suppliers saying they provide the best service at competitive prices but CP&P is the real deal. They don't give you the run around when asking for current pricing and they are quick to deliver. If you've dealt with propane suppliers very long, CP&P is a welcome change. The family owned persona definitely comes through when you're dealing with them on the phone. You're not just an account number. Here's hoping they remain family owned for many years to come. They're a dying breed in today's market.
Rating: 5 - Review by Scott A.

He inspired confidence in us!
We had a service technician come out to service our fire place for the winter. He was a very young man, we were a bit worried at how young he was. His name is Brian. He was polite, very thorough, cleaned everything, changed the batteries, cleaned up after himself and really took pride in his work. Everything works well. He was able to answer all my questions, really seemed to know what he was doing and did it very well. Very polite and very competent., he inspired confidence in us. Thank you Brian and Ct Propane, love working with you
Rating: 5 - Review by Eva Menon

Very pleasant and courteous and you can really tell they want to take care of their customers!
It went very well. That price was okay it included a full tank of gas, and their price for that was very reasonable. So they will be my future supplier and dropped my old supplier. The installers were very pleasant and courteous and you can really tell they want to take care of their customers. Anonymous
Rating: 5 - Review by Anonymous

Best Propane Company around!
Best Propane Company around. Great pricing, service. Call and you will not be disappointed!
Rating: 5 - Review by Danielle G.

Great to work with!
These guys are knowledgeable about their business, but they are also really nice people. A winning combination!
Rating: 5 - Review by Peter S.

Excellent Service
By phone and in person their customer service is unbeatable ! Pair that with their low prices and you can't go wrong!!
Rating: 5 - Review by Melissa

Another Great Choice
From sales to professional service, it was a pleasure working with these people. Very friendly (which I haven't seen from some other company's) & they knew what they're doing,
Rating: 5 - Review by Don

5 Star Company
Connecticut Propane is a 5-Star Company!
Rating: 5 - Review by Steve Fox

Rating: 5 - Review by BOB

Long time customer
I have been a customer of (CPP) Connecticut Propane & Petroleum for a few years now, and find they are very easy and pleasant to deal with. If I have a problem or think I have a problem they are fast to fix it. The Propane Company I had before I drop them was only interested in taking may money and you couldn’t talk to them. But sense I have been with CPP it’s completely different, I call the office and talk with the Ladies and they are always a pleasure to talk with, and fast to talk care of my problem. Not only do a get my Propane gas from them, but I have had the Clean my Furnace and Gas Fire Place. I just hand them hook up there gas to my new generic generator and they where great and the Town inspector pass everything and said great job. Also I had a problem with my furnace fan would shut off, I called the Ladies at CPP and they had a man come out and fixed the problem and he also cleaned my furnace again which had a lot of dead bees. And every one of the Servicemen that has come out has alway been so polite and take time to explain to me what they have done and what I should do. I would Recommend Connecticut Propane & Petroleum to and of my friends, which I have and they are all please. I live in a development that I would say there are close to 200 places and I would say that about 125 have switched over to CPP. John D. Shane Vernon, Ct. 06066.
Rating: 5 - Review by John D. Shane

superb service
Called before they arrived. Were exceptionally proficient. Fixed vent causing noise in bedroom.
Rating: 5 - Review by Leslie E. Grodd

Service call
No heat today I called they were there in less than 2 hours had the problem solved quickly the service kid was very polite and courtesy.
Rating: 5 - Review by Paul t Kelly

Great Communication
I looked at a bunch of companies to provide propane for my generator before selecting CPP. They were professional, got back to me when they said they would, and showed up as scheduled. I'm not a high volume customer but still have high expectations of service. CPP is getting it done. Thanks for a great experience.
Rating: 5 - Review by Ken

Above and Beyond Service
Spectacular service! Ryan is a knowledgeable, customer service focused gentleman and the CPP staff responsive and friendly!
Rating: 5 - Review by Denise McAvoy

Great Service
I just converted to CPP from another vendor that I used for many years. From my first call to the installation, the service and communication was excellent. Folks involved were Susan Ryan, Zack and Theresa. The installation went off without a hitch and I would highly recommend them to anyone who would listen!!
Rating: 5 - Review by Jerry Coia

Connecticut Propane hooked us up!
Moved to Coventry a while ago and have propane for fireplace, hot water heater and stove. Loving the benefits of propane. Last Year our propane bill was $350.00 for the whole year. It kept our house warm and cozy. Cindy was kind enough to set up our installation for all our propane needs. She worked with us until everything was complete. Prices are also a good consideration when we picked this company. We are very happy to do business with this outstanding company.
Rating: 5 - Review by Janet

The Best Company In Town
Many companies say they are the best , have reasonable prices and great service but Billy and CPP is the real deal. Great service, great prices and very knowledgeable staff.
Rating: 5 - Review by Rodney

Sofija was so great to work with.
Sofija was so great to work with. She made my experience pleasant and easy. I will definitely ask specifically for her next time I call for services!
Rating: 5 - Review by Adriana Capobianco

I tell whoever I can, this is a great company!
Whenever I have dealt with this company and all the customer service people I’ve spoken to, it has always been a pleasure! My last experience with Sophia was the same.
Rating: 5 - Review by Christine McAllister

Thanks guys!
I've used CT Propane for years now and always the most impressive service. Today was no exception. Steve hooked up my propane and ensured that everything was working. Good stuff.
Rating: 5 - Review by Eugene Matarazzo

Thank you Daniela.
I was looking for a new Propane delivery service. I talked to many Propane service Companies. I have chosen Connecticut Propane & Petroleum, because the help in providing information and accessibility of telephone contact of Daniela. She provided answers to many of my questions and gave me the confidence to make my decision.
Rating: 5 - Review by Jan Wojas

Really happy with the service!
Nice company, fair prices, excellent service. Our delivery guy is kind and considerate. Daniela in customer service is prompt and great at getting questions answered.
Rating: 5 - Review by Amy LaBossiere

Can't say enough good things about the CPP team and would highly recommend them to anyone
We recently used CPP to install a propane tank and gas fireplace that we bought from another distributor. We were so pleased with everyone we dealt with including Cindy and Danielle in the office and Ryan who did the installation. They were all extremely polite, professional and a pleasure to work with. We had a little issue with fireplace not working a couple weeks after the installation. CPP sent out Ryan the next morning. Turns out it was a simple issue with the batteries that came with the unit. To my surprise, CPP did not charge us for the service visit, when they certainly could have.
Rating: 5 - Review by Keith Bergquist

Thanks for fitting me in!
This is an awesome company. I needed tanks installed and set up for a closing and this company worked hard to fit me in and get the job done on time. Staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and on time. It was a pleasure doing business with them.
Rating: 5 - Review by Sallie Kolreg

Thanks to Cindy, and the whole CP team too.
We use propane to power our backup generator. The tank had settled a little and was leaning. Ryan and Kevin came out and promptly leveled the tank and repaired a tubing clamp that had pulled loose. Prompt, courteous, and professional... very happy.
Rating: 5 - Review by Todd D.

I am thrilled with my experience with this company.
A very professional, competent technician from CT Propane repaired my gas fireplace log and instructed me how to use and manage it.
Rating: 5 - Review by Mary Brown

Very satisfied with CPP
Best price for delivered propane I found, after calling around. I really like that if you use double the capacity of your rental tank in a year, they will waive the tank rental fee the following year. The service guys did nice work hooking a grill to the house line and Theresa has been very helpful with the billing.
Rating: 5 - Review by Jeffrey Coffey

A good all around experience.
We needed a gas line added to our existing backup generator service to supply a gas range. The techs from CPP did a great job and the cost was less than we expected.
Rating: 5 - Review by Thomas Dutka

I love these folks!
Always good pricing, prompt and professional.
Rating: 5 - Review by Gary Torello

An absolute pleasure to do business with!
Excellent service. Polite and professional. Prices are competitive. Quite a difference from my previous propane supplier!
Rating: 5 - Review by Christopher Hodgdon

So happy with the switch!
We've been customers of CPP for a little over 2 years, having switched when our old company was bought out by a larger group, and they became unreliable. CPP Is anything but! We had a flawless transition - CPP came on time and delivered a new tank, installed new valves and lines, at a cost exactly as shared up front. Deliveries have also been excellent - well timed and we never run out. CPP was careful to take note of what we run off gas to appropriately estimate our usage. Calls to the office are answered promptly and the staff is personable and caring. Two weeks ago, we had a CPP technician out to clean our gas fireplace. We knew the window during which he would come. Brian called 15 minutes before arrival and was prompt. He was extremely thorough, and pointing out things to us that we didn't know about the system and how to run it more efficiently. Last, he cleaned up and left the area spotless. The last time we had it cleaned by another company, it was twice what CPP charged. Needless to say, we're very happy customers of CPP and glad we switched.
Rating: 5 - Review by Laurie Robinson

Would recommend to all!
I've dealt with CPP since moving to my new house in January of 2017. Customer Service has always been great and the staff is very friendly.
Rating: 5 - Review by Todd Anderson

Thanks guys :)!
The customer service department at CPP is great! Always friendly, helpful, and they go the extra mile to find out answers and offer information!
Rating: 5 - Review by Kathy Schrock

Would highly recommend.
Took great care of me!! Locked in a great price.
Rating: 5 - Review by Jay Pugliese

Way to go CPP!
Their program for automatic delivery was spot on! Though I was keeping an eye on the level in the tank, I was not concerned about the incoming storm because I still had 30% still in the tank. Received notification that a delivery was made yesterday!
Rating: 5 - Review by Jesse Bitgood

Good morning Ms. Faust; I wanted thank you for all of your efforts in setting up and establishing my new account with CPP.. I can envision already that my decision to switch from a local competitor to CPP was a fantastic move. The customer service you offered and expertise in the field is a testament to your dedication to the CPP brand. In addition if you could please pass along, as I would like to go on the record that your technician Steven Greenslade, who performed the installation and swap out of the tanks etc. was very courteous, knowledgeable and dedicated to not only making sure everything was checked and double checked, he made sure I had a full understanding in the use of propane and the proper safeguards to follow should I ever experience the detection of propane odors. Again thank you for all of your assistance, and if you could also make sure that Steven is apprised of my pleasure with his work and demeanor. No doubt he is a great company representative and asset! I would also ask if you could please pass my sincere pleasure to the owner or manager as great customer service should be recognized!
Rating: 5 - Review by Raymond Berry

Needed heat.
Spoke with others about propane delivery and services and was not impressed. Called Connecticut Propane and spoke with Danny (Danielle).immediately felt a sense of warmth. Personally and physically. I believe they will be installing new propane tank and gas delivery. Very pleased and hopeful.
Rating: 5 - Review by Bethany B.

Excellent service!
These guys are easy and great to work with!
Rating: 5 - Review by Jay S

As before, did a great job!
I just want to let you know the your service man (Ryan) was here to service our furnace and as before did a great job. But I would also like to say that Ryan is not only a good worker, for a young man he is very polite and has respect when he talks with people, and that isn't seen very often these days. Again this is why I enjoy Connecticut Propane & Petroleum and hope to be there customer for many years to come, hope you have a great day and a better weekend. And again Ryan is a great young man. John, Sue & Molly
Rating: 5 - Review by John and Sue

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