Go Green with Propane in CT.

"Going Green" is on everyone's mind but taking action to help our environment on a global level can be a daunting task. It’s much easier to act if we start right where we live — in our homes, our backyards, our communities.

Here at Connecticut Propane, we want to do all that we can to help our planet.  By informing our clients about the environmental benefits assosciated with Propane usage, we feel we can help make a difference- no matter how small or large- it all heps. In addition to reusing and recycling everything from paper to plastic to glass to cans, using propane-fueled appliances offers homeowners realistic options for going "green".

These options help our environment in the process because propane appliances leave smaller carbon footprints than their counterparts. For instance, according to a survey done on behalf of the Propane Education & Research Council, "propane furnaces reach their peak efficiency of more than 95% compared with 85% for fuel oil; tankless water heaters can reduce wasted standby energy by up to 20%; electric water heaters emit 2.5 times more greenhouse gases than propane water heaters and propane radiant heat can improve air quality because it cuts down on dust and allergens."

So, not only does using propane reduce emissions, improve air quality, increase energy efficiency, save you money and help save the planet, propane is produced domestically so it is readily available.

Go Green With E-Billing

At CPP,  Going Green also means you will receive electronic billing and you can also call us to go on automatic bill pay with a credit card.